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Праграма Belarus Beehive адкрывае прыём праектных заявак на падтрымку журналісцкіх расследаванняў па выкрыцці карупцыі, абыходу санкцыяў, схаваных механізмаў функцыянавання ўладаў, рэпрэсій супраць грамадзянскай супольнасці, удзелу ў знешняй агрэсіі
і адказных за пералічанае.

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Belarus Beehive

Belarus Beehive is an initiative that supports the civil society

of Belarus under repressive conditions and prepares it for democratic reforms.


Our mission is to promote political, sectoral, and social transformations in Belarus.



The Belarus Beehive project aims to coordinate the actions of Belarusian civil society organizations by creating a network of thematic groups and initiatives. We strive to strengthen civil society so that it can play a key role in reforming the country. The Belarus Beehive project lasted for 30 months, starting in July 2021. 

Beehive 2.0 is the second phase of the project, which began in January 2024. Beehive 2.0 will continue to build the capacity of Belarusian civil society organizations and support them in times of crisis.


We Work

Our project includes financial support, expert guidance, and organizational capacity development

for Belarusian civil society organizations.


We collaborate with international partners to provide our beneficiaries with the resources and knowledge necessary for sustainable development and future democratic transformations.


The main goal of this project proposal competition is to develop a sustainable civil society as an actor of democratic change in Belarus.

This means strengthening the technical capacity and resources of civil society organizations to promote democratic changes and achieve the missions and goals of these organizations.

Lot 1: Competition No. 2 – 08.09.2024;

No. 3 – 31.01.2025;

No. 4 – 14.02.2025;

No. 5 – 24.04.2025.


Lots 2 and 3: Competition No. 2 – 08.09.2024;

No. 3 – 14.02.2025.

Scheduled Competitions:


Supporting civil society as a key driver of democratic transformation of Belarus

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